Comminuted Skull Fracture

Intraventricular hemorrhage

Brain injury associated with the fracture of the skull and blast injury of the lungs associated with multiple rib fractures. Breda Catherine Devine, one. Brain injury associated with Comminuted Skull Fractures due to a blow on the left frontal region of Skull fractures also fall under these classifications: • Displaced fractures, in which the break does not remain parallel and may widen. • Comminuted fractures, in which part of the bone is broken into pieces, sometimes leading to later injury as the Grafton, MA 01536, USA. OBJECTIVE: To describe the treatment of severely comminuted maxillary fractures that resulted in separation of the maxilla from the base of the skull in 2 dogs. The structural areas of support, identified Skull radiography showed a 2-cm deformity in the right The girl was transferred to Columbia University Medical Center, where the CT scan revealed a comminuted, depressed fracture of the anterior paramedian frontal bone, a small epidural hematoma A Le Fort II or pyramidal fracture separates the midface from the skull. The fracture extends across the maxilla These fractures range from simple fractures to severely comminuted fractures involving the orbits, maxilla, and frontal bone. Senior Inspector Felino Brunia Jr., a medico-legal expert from the Philippine National Police (PNP) Crime Laboratory, said the bullet that hit Salaysay, a Cotabato City-based journalist, resulted in a “comminuted fracture,” meaning part of the skull was .

He told prosecuting QC Toby Hedworth that as well as the serious and significant burns Mr O’Hare had suffered, he also found a comminuted fracture to his skull at the base of the skull, a fracture to his cheek bone and three broken ribs at the rear of his Injuries claimed: Plaintiff’s injuries (w/details): A traumatic closed head brain injury involving multiple skull fractures, bilateral frontotemporal contusions with intracranial hemorrhage; A comminuted fracture of the left fibula/tibia (ankle pilon .

Another Picture of Comminuted Skull Fracture :

Complete : bone is broken all the way
Complete : bone is broken all the way through

Adult Lateral Oblique - Open Mouth
Adult Lateral Oblique – Open Mouth