Humeral Head Fracture

Pediatric supracondylar humerus
Pediatric supracondylar humerus fracture.

This innovative plating system for the treatment of the proximal humeral fractures consists of anatomically contoured left and right plates with a low head profile. Contours PHP™ is designed to decrease the risk of impingement, while providing minimal The implant helps in preservation of bones and natural tissues of patients suffering from arthritis or Humeral Head Fractures. Seen as an ideal option for younger, active patients who want to lead a normal life, this cementless implant utilises a patient’s New x-rays taken by her primary-care clinician revealed a minimally displaced proximal humerus fracture with a large osteolytic lesion of the humeral head, neck and proximal shaft (Figures 1 and 2). The patient underwent a CT scan that day and was referred The fracture plate is used in shoulder reconstruction and is designed to reduce humeral head collapse. Additionally, surgeons can inject bone void filler after the plate has been positioned to improve outcomes. From the product page: The contoured plate is “We are very excited to introduce our new Proximal Humeral Fracture Plate System screws that allows for solid fixation in the calcar neck and provides humeral head support,” states Bill Weber, Integra’s vice president and general manager, Extremity Polarus 3 Solution offers two plate options – Standard and Posterior, as well as two intramedullary nail options – Proximal and Distal, offering the surgeon multiple options to address patient fracture options in the humeral head. .

X-ray films demonstrated a fracture-dislocation of the left shoulder with the shaft of the humerus displaced superiorly into the shoulder joint and the humeral head displaced anteriorly and inferiorly. There was comminution of both the greater and lesser The topographic basis is the division of the proximal humerus into two segments-the articular segment (with C-fractures from C = Caput = Humeral head) and the extraarticular segment. This extraarticular segment (with A-fractures) is further divided into and this leaves a depression in the backside of the humeral head. Orthopedists call this impression fracture in the head a Hill-Sachs defect. Following a shoulder dislocation, patients usually present in severe pain with their arm held across their stomach. .

Another Picture of Humeral Head Fracture :

 the register proper (does the humeral head fit nicely in the
the register proper (does the humeral head fit nicely in the glenoid

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