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Fractured Scapula

Right clavicle (A), right scapula (B), right fourth anterior rib (C -www.ceessentials.net
Right clavicle (A), right scapula (B), right fourth anterior rib (C

“He recklessly caused serious bodily injury, a Fractured Scapula and/or ribs to Matthew Oldershaw by shoving him into a fountain,” the indictment alleges. Phillips turned himself in on a warrant for second-degree assault July 16 and was released on $ Traumatic injuries of the scapula have received little attention in the literature because they are uncommon. Scapula fractures account for approximately 1% of all fractures. Most scapula fractures can be managed effectively with closed treatment. Bruce Miller suffered a broken scapula following the Week 15 win over Tampa Bay. We look at the nature and extent of his injury and what likely caused the fracture. Following the statement of Jim Harbaugh, reports emerged that fullback Bruce Miller The mechanisms and factors that led to Cardinals starting pitcher Michael Wacha’s stress injury—described as either a stress reaction or stress fracture—of the scapula are complex. Rarely seen in the overhead throwing athlete, the scapular stress The scapular position in 22 healthy Subjects were excluded from this study if they had a history of fractures or dislocations in the shoulder from which they had not fully recovered; had upper-limb impairment, weakness, or spasticity that prevented Twenty straight completed passes is certainly an impressive streak. Twenty straight completed passes by a quarterback with a Fractured Scapula on his throwing shoulder is truly stunning. Few injuries in recent memory have generated more interest in the .

New York Jets news, commentary and insider info from beat writer Kimberley A. Martin. bio | email Wednesday August 21, 2013 11:10 AM By Kimberley A. Martin Fullback Lex Hilliard is done for the year and will undergo surgery on a broken scapula, a source Tom Stamsnijder (Argos Shimano) crashed out of the 4 Days of Dunkerque on Saturday, breaking his scapula in the process. The 29-year-old pro crashed while chasing back to the front of the peloton after suffering a puncture on the fourth stage from Louvre Two serious adverse events were reported, neither of which was considered treatment related: one case of cholelithiasis in the 1,000 mg once daily group (the patient was withdrawn) and one Fractured Scapula from a fall. Rates of “events of special interest Dr. Erin McKerney, in collaboration with Dr. Susan Stover from the J.D Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory at the University of California-Davis, is conducting a study to better understand the events that lead to catastrophic fractures of the .

Another Picture of Fractured Scapula :

Posterior view of the humerus-lh3.ggpht.com
Posterior view of the humerus

Interruption of superficial fibres suggests bursal surface tear
Interruption of superficial fibres suggests bursal surface tear